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Performance Therapeutics

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"I have noticed that in this office everyone treats the patients as family; even if they are not directly working with them. It starts with the front getting checked in and run through the care of everyone that you come in contact with. They all treat you with kindness and concern. Itís like a family everybody works well together."

-Lee Brown, Patient

"All of the people here are great. I have had several different people work on me and everyone is very knowledgeable and polite. I would recommend Performance Therapeutics to everyone".

-David Patterson, Patient

"What a great staff. The PTís are excellent, everyone is a pro!"

-B.E. Norman, Patient

"My feet are correctly supported, my calves are much less tense/sore, and my posture has improved. All of these improvements have resulted in much lower pain levels all over. I feel more prepared to start an exercise program for weight loss now."

-Darlene B. Dalton, Patient

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