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Exercise Therapy | Orthotics

My First Visit

You will meet with one of our Physical Therapists on your first visit to discuss your injury at length and to develop a strategy for you to decrease your own pain through simple exercises that you can use daily to speed your return to activity and prevent re-injury, After a thorough history and exam you will be taken through some epeated movements to begin to identify the best exercises to address your problem. Through our assessment process we can often identify exercises for you to begin working towards resolution of your pain on day one.

The first visit typically lasts for 1 hour and we ask that you arrive 15-20 minutes early to complete the necessary paperwork. Please bring a photo I.D., and if your would like us to file for payment through your insurance, please bring your insurance card. If your doctor has given you a prescription for Physical Therapy, please bring that with you as well. You may also want to plan on bringing clothing that allows your to stretch and move comfortably.

Therapeutic Exercise
At Performance Therapeutics we select exercises specific to each patient's needs based on movements that reduce the patient's pain, and improce their movement and function. Some patients may also need strength and flexibility eercises to help them meet the demands of their daily activities. Our end goal is to equip our patients with the knowledge they need to abolish their own pain and prevent recurrences.

Manual Therapy
Some patients need hands-on treatments to more specifically address areas of restricted movement or to further accentuate a stretch that the patient is performing. As with our use of exercises, our selection and use of manual therapies is guided by assessment of what best reduces our patient's exercies more effective so that they are empowered to reduce their own pain.

Orthotics are customized shoe inserts designed to reduce mechanical stresses on tissues in our feet and legs while walking or running. Orthotics may be helpful in treating foot pain, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, or knee pain. Off the shelf orthotics are often sufficient, but if needed, custom orthotics are available through Performance Therapeutics following a thorough biomechanical examination.

MDT or the McKenzie Method
The Mckenzie Method is a reliable assessment process for all musculoskeletal problems including neck,low back and extremity pain (Shoulder,Knee,ankles,etc.). It is also effective in the assessment and treatment of sciatica,sacroiliac joint pain,arthritis,degenerative disc disease,muscle spasms,and intermitent numbness in the hand or feet. Developed in the 1950's by Robin McKenzie,it is well-reasearched,excercise based approach of assessment ,diagnosis,and treatement which uses a comprehensive and clinically reasoned evaluation of patient without the use of expensive diagnostics imaging.


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